Really? He told her that he had done everything he could And women seem to know that they are going to die, so they don't plan any more, just breathe hard. Tears also flow unconsciously. The woman died in the early hours of the next morning, when the man slept, when the man woke up, the woman snuggled up in the man's arms and died, leaving tears on her face. The man found out that a letter was put in front of the bed. It said: "dear (kiss) is the name of the woman! The man opened the letter urgently, and the clear font of the woman came into his eyes.". However, consciousness, she wrote some words for her husband in tears. Dear husband: write these words for you in tears, I know I'm going to die. Tonight, suddenly I wake up vaguely, maybe it's reflection, maybe god pity me, give me a last chance to say goodbye to you. I still remember our children, remember the moment when she called her mother, you know? I cried at that moment. I vaguely remember that bloody face, why God is so cruel to her, so cruel to me. She must be underground. No one takes care of her. She's waiting for me. I'm going to accompany her and take care of her. Dear husband, thank you for giving me a home, a child and a woman's journey. Although you have never said that I love you, but I love you, from the beginning to the end, I love you.